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When it comes to books, perhaps you’ve been feeling a little too in your head. Are you tired of reading about literature but never about the book? Do you wish you had a more embodied relationship with books—tasting, smelling, touching, and listening to books instead of just reading them? Papereaters is for you. Join us every few weeks for content about books and bodies: our bodies in relationship to books, and the bodies of books themselves.

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To be the weirdest thing in your inbox.

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India Johnson, an artist who makes books and non-books. She’s interested in the reading experience, as well as the non-reading experience.

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Papereaters is the best way keep on top of India’s studio news, like upcoming workshops and events. Subscribers receive early access to India’s studio sales. But the biggest perk of Papereaters by far is simply India’s longform writing about books. Doesn’t sound like a perk? Every inbox needs a little more of the absurd.

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A book artist writes about hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting books. Chew well.


India Johnson

an artist who makes books & non-books